Countdown till my surgery date

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Overdue update

If anyone still reads this, I just wanted to keep you all updated :)

So they've been moving up my wires progressively and everything seems to be going to plan. My ortho is going to take some new models of my teeth at my next appointment to see if I'm surgery ready. I think I made my surgery date a tad too long...oh well. Better safe than sorry! Also my surgery date is two days after my last final for spring semester. So that gives me approximately two weeks to recover before the summer semester begins. The surgery date for my gum grafting surgery is Jan 9th. Apparently gum grafting is a cosmetic surgery so it's not covered by my dental insurance which is b.s. Anyways, the surgeon told me I had the healthiest gum he's seen for awhile so it should be a quick and fast recovery.

After having a normal bite and now an underbite/no bite let me tell you. You can't chew for shi*. I've noticed just biting into anything my jaw strength is super weak now. I can't even eat noodles! My favorite staple of my diet. Braces doesn't help things at all either... I forgot how frustrating it is to floss. It used to take me 2 min. tops. to floss all my teeth. I have to waste 15 precious minutes of my life to floss! And no it hasn't gotten easier. I've used a water pick but it just don't feel as clean as flossing.

Here's a photo update my bite has shifted but nothing "noticeable" it's hard to explain like some of back molars have moved a bit:

Side profile:

Happy Holidays! And I hope everyone is thinking about some good new year resolutions. Now I'm off to the gym!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Braced and ready

So when I met with my orthodontist he wasn't kidding about getting started right away! He scheduled me a week later to get both my top and bottom braces put on. It took 40 minutes to put them all on! But it felt more like 2 hours. But he was a sweetie and gave me ceramic for the top 6 brackets :)
Dreaded side profile:

They were taken from my labtop like 5 min. ago. Hence, the poor quality. That is my bite btw. My teeth touch in exactly one place. My next ortho. appt. is in 4 weeks. 

My lower canines have a recessed gum line from genetics. I need to get some type of gum surgery. My friend had a gum transplant and told me it was worst than childbirth. But then my ortho is telling me it's like getting a tooth extracted at worse. Lies! All lies! So now I need yet another surgery :)

P.s. those weird white dots on my collarbones are dermal implants not a whitehead 

Monday, September 19, 2011


Hello fellow bloggers,

I hope everyone had an awesome summer! I certainly did! I hired a fitness trainer and made my goal of 18% body fat in one month! whoop whoop!

So once again, I met up with my surgeon this month to give me the green light on surgery/braces. He said since I'm still "growing"based on my bone scan he, as a doctor, must recommend I wait another entire year. BUT since my case is so weird, (If you guys don't remember or are new, I had a growth spurt when I was 18 and it grew just enough to create an edge-to-edge bite) and so he told me it's my choice.

Well, I'm sure as hell am not waiting another damn year! I told him just to over correct my bite if anything. And he agreed to. He also said he wants to move my upper jaw and rotate it. So that it angles up? If anyone knows what exactly that does please leave a comment! I'm still confused on that.

So I set up a surgery date for May 20, 2012, which is around 7-8 months away. They set the appointment up as a double jaw surgery just in case anything changes. But yup! Now its time to make an appt. with my orthodontist and get this show on the road.

I asked my ortho. how quick I can go back to work as a receptionist. He said at the minimum two weeks.   Is that really realistic? Or is it probably more like a month?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sad update :(

Hey everyone so sorry for not posting anything new. I've been hectic with finals and work.

So I got a bone scan done and the results were not good. Btw a bone scan takes about an hour...its horrible! And they inject some type of radioactive fluid in you...its weird. But anyways my surgeon told me my gonial something in my lower jaw is still growing based from my results. He said that all plans needs to be put on hold for 6 months and see if my growth looks stable.

I also talked to my orthodontist. I initially didn't want braces since it wouldn't be covered by my insurance and I already paid for braces....well my parents did lol. But orthodontist told me not to worry and all expenses would be covered, which is a HUGE relief! He didn't necessarily say it was his fault that my results were not stable but I'm content with the outcome.

My orthodontist wants me to also wait to put on braces till 6 months...which will be in September.

So until then :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

First orthognathic surgery appointment

Hello my fellow bloggers!
So I met my ortho. surgeon the other day and although he has a morbid sense of humor he seems like a nice guy lol.

Looking from my xrays, it turns out I don't have an underbite but an edge to edge bite. But I've been jutting my lower jaw out so my teeth can meet when I eat. Looks like my insurance is going to have to cover me now!! :)

So I guess I'll say the good news first: I DONT NEED BRACES! My surgeon said if he does my upper jaw instead of my lower jaw I wouldn't need braces. Which was exciting because i hate braces!! lol. Of course he said I should get braces so it can be perfect.

The bad news: He thinks I could still be growing since most girl's jaws stop growing when they are 16 but I started growing when I turned 18. So I've got a bone scan appt made for next friday.And I might have to put my plans all on hold till I stop growing :(

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pictures of my Underbite

So I thought I might share some photos of my stunning jaw :)

Side Profile
Side Profile Smiling

As you can see, my teeth are still pretty straight...except for my lateral incisors 

But then I bite down....

My bite is off by approximately 1 mm, YUP! 1 whole mm! It's really frustrating because if my ortho. didn't fix my overbite, I probably wouldn't be in this situation right now. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Don't you love those blogs that look great/promising and then you realize it hasn't been updated for years? haha...So do I. I promise I won't do that.

So I've gotten my wisdom teeth pulled and I will be making new models and taking updated x-rays on this following Thurs...hopefully ( I keep pushing my appts. back because im lazy hehe). What's really strange is my ortho. kept my old makes me wonder if he keeps everyone's models in some weird storage area....just a thought. 

What he showed me from my old models is that they need to push and "rotate' my lower jaw back into place. 

I also will be seeing my new Orthognathic surgeon on Feb. 28th. I actually had an appt this past Mon. but they said I needed UPDATED models not the ones my ortho had. So I will post that day! I swear...scout's honor :)