Countdown till my surgery date

Friday, March 4, 2011

First orthognathic surgery appointment

Hello my fellow bloggers!
So I met my ortho. surgeon the other day and although he has a morbid sense of humor he seems like a nice guy lol.

Looking from my xrays, it turns out I don't have an underbite but an edge to edge bite. But I've been jutting my lower jaw out so my teeth can meet when I eat. Looks like my insurance is going to have to cover me now!! :)

So I guess I'll say the good news first: I DONT NEED BRACES! My surgeon said if he does my upper jaw instead of my lower jaw I wouldn't need braces. Which was exciting because i hate braces!! lol. Of course he said I should get braces so it can be perfect.

The bad news: He thinks I could still be growing since most girl's jaws stop growing when they are 16 but I started growing when I turned 18. So I've got a bone scan appt made for next friday.And I might have to put my plans all on hold till I stop growing :(


  1. How old are you? Yes, you definitely want to wait until you are done growing so you don't have any relapse issues. I am surprised your surgeon says you don't need braces. Perhaps get a second opinion.

  2. I'm 18, i know im a baby lol. My ortho. told me I probably won't grow more but I'm getting a bone scan to make sure. I agree that would be horrible to get a relapse!

    From the molds taken of my teeth, it shows my teeth would be aligned in their new position but my smile won't be "perfect" (my buck teeth came back and i would need an expander to fix it). But I kinda like it, it gives me character you know?

    I do trust my surgeon though because he was referred by my orthodontist of 8 years and he is a member of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

  3. I am really surprised as well as to why you wouldn't need braces. Although your teeth may still be really straight, they use braces as a device to hold your jaw in it's new place by using rubber bands, and continue to use them as a method of matching up your midlines. Hm, any idea how they plan on doing that without braces? I am curious!

  4. Hey Dani! So I emailed my surgeon and asked how they would do the surgery without braces and he told me that you don't need rubber bands if you are only doing only upper jaw surgery. They need rubber bands when you do both upper and lower jaw surgery or just lower jaw surgery. So if I get braces or not I will not be wired shut. :)