Countdown till my surgery date

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sad update :(

Hey everyone so sorry for not posting anything new. I've been hectic with finals and work.

So I got a bone scan done and the results were not good. Btw a bone scan takes about an hour...its horrible! And they inject some type of radioactive fluid in you...its weird. But anyways my surgeon told me my gonial something in my lower jaw is still growing based from my results. He said that all plans needs to be put on hold for 6 months and see if my growth looks stable.

I also talked to my orthodontist. I initially didn't want braces since it wouldn't be covered by my insurance and I already paid for braces....well my parents did lol. But orthodontist told me not to worry and all expenses would be covered, which is a HUGE relief! He didn't necessarily say it was his fault that my results were not stable but I'm content with the outcome.

My orthodontist wants me to also wait to put on braces till 6 months...which will be in September.

So until then :)