Countdown till my surgery date

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Braced and ready

So when I met with my orthodontist he wasn't kidding about getting started right away! He scheduled me a week later to get both my top and bottom braces put on. It took 40 minutes to put them all on! But it felt more like 2 hours. But he was a sweetie and gave me ceramic for the top 6 brackets :)
Dreaded side profile:

They were taken from my labtop like 5 min. ago. Hence, the poor quality. That is my bite btw. My teeth touch in exactly one place. My next ortho. appt. is in 4 weeks. 

My lower canines have a recessed gum line from genetics. I need to get some type of gum surgery. My friend had a gum transplant and told me it was worst than childbirth. But then my ortho is telling me it's like getting a tooth extracted at worse. Lies! All lies! So now I need yet another surgery :)

P.s. those weird white dots on my collarbones are dermal implants not a whitehead