Countdown till my surgery date

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pictures of my Underbite

So I thought I might share some photos of my stunning jaw :)

Side Profile
Side Profile Smiling

As you can see, my teeth are still pretty straight...except for my lateral incisors 

But then I bite down....

My bite is off by approximately 1 mm, YUP! 1 whole mm! It's really frustrating because if my ortho. didn't fix my overbite, I probably wouldn't be in this situation right now. 


  1. Hi Meeshee! Welcome to blogger! When will you be getting your braces? Looking forward to following your journey!


  2. 1mm doesn't sound like a lot but it really makes a world of difference in how your bite looks & feels. It will all be worth it in the end! :)

  3. 1mm is not that muchh! i have an underbite of THREE WHOLE MILLEMETRES!!!:( haaa
    it's horriblee but I am getting jaw surgery the same as you!!:D
    I think we are at similar stages in the 'journey' I havn't got braces yet either, I'm getting them in march..
    and then I'm having my wisdom teeth out in the summer of 2011, i saw that you already had yours out? what was it like?? the orthodontist people didn't really tell me much about it..oooo
    do you have to have bottom and top jaw surgery? I do, and then also, they are going to tilt my top jaw forward or something. But I just want it all to happen nownow nowwww! I'm so excited:D I just can't stop thinking about it and how i'll look after eeeee!!
    good luck xoxoxxx

  4. Hi Meesh! You are too adorable, even with the underbite. You are going to love your results, I just know it! You have beautiful teeth!! Best to get this taken care of now so they remain that way. When do you get your braces on?

  5. Oh boy let me answer everyone in one response! :)

    Tara: Thanks for the welcome darling! To answer your question, I'm not sure yet! I told my ortho at my last visit that I wanted to get braces after spring break :) haha

    Jen: 1 mm does make a huge difference! My teeth touch in all the wrong places now but it was actually a lot worse when I had an edge to edge bite.

    Rosa Posa: That's awesome! We should most definitely swap stories and its great to know someone else going through the same exact thing! Believe it or not, I opted to just have my dentist pull my wisdom teeth out because insurance will not cover the extraction part. And it was all covered by my dental insurance. It didn't really hurt but just remember to ask for percocet(oxycodone) or something stronger for the pain. Trust me and take it right after the surgery even though you don't feel anything will :) But honestly i was back at work and school after a day albiet all drugged up! haha

    I'm just getting the lower jaw surgery. For me, I don't want to really change anything different. I just want to restore my teeth and bite back to it's original state. And I heard upper jaw surgery does change how you look physically A LOT more than lower jaw surgery which is something I do not want.

    BF: Thank you you are too sweet! :) Hope you had an awesome v-day my darling. I've been kinda pushing that date further ahead lol. I had them on for four years and im not too excited getting them on but i think i'll get them on for sure this springtime.