Countdown till my surgery date

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Don't you love those blogs that look great/promising and then you realize it hasn't been updated for years? haha...So do I. I promise I won't do that.

So I've gotten my wisdom teeth pulled and I will be making new models and taking updated x-rays on this following Thurs...hopefully ( I keep pushing my appts. back because im lazy hehe). What's really strange is my ortho. kept my old makes me wonder if he keeps everyone's models in some weird storage area....just a thought. 

What he showed me from my old models is that they need to push and "rotate' my lower jaw back into place. 

I also will be seeing my new Orthognathic surgeon on Feb. 28th. I actually had an appt this past Mon. but they said I needed UPDATED models not the ones my ortho had. So I will post that day! I swear...scout's honor :)

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  1. Hey! Nice to hear from you Meesh! Yes, keep them posts coming!

    I know what you mean about the ortho and all the old models of our teeth! Creepy!

    Good luck on Feb 28th! Let us know how that goes! :-)