Countdown till my surgery date

Monday, September 19, 2011


Hello fellow bloggers,

I hope everyone had an awesome summer! I certainly did! I hired a fitness trainer and made my goal of 18% body fat in one month! whoop whoop!

So once again, I met up with my surgeon this month to give me the green light on surgery/braces. He said since I'm still "growing"based on my bone scan he, as a doctor, must recommend I wait another entire year. BUT since my case is so weird, (If you guys don't remember or are new, I had a growth spurt when I was 18 and it grew just enough to create an edge-to-edge bite) and so he told me it's my choice.

Well, I'm sure as hell am not waiting another damn year! I told him just to over correct my bite if anything. And he agreed to. He also said he wants to move my upper jaw and rotate it. So that it angles up? If anyone knows what exactly that does please leave a comment! I'm still confused on that.

So I set up a surgery date for May 20, 2012, which is around 7-8 months away. They set the appointment up as a double jaw surgery just in case anything changes. But yup! Now its time to make an appt. with my orthodontist and get this show on the road.

I asked my ortho. how quick I can go back to work as a receptionist. He said at the minimum two weeks.   Is that really realistic? Or is it probably more like a month?


  1. I am a receptionist as well, and I went back after 3 weeks! Two weeks would have been way too soon for me, I was still quite swollen and not eating very well at that point. The extra week really helps!

  2. I could have gone back to my desk job at 2.5 weeks but was grateful I had a full 3.5 weeks off. I would advise 3 weeks. :-)

  3. Definitely 3 weeks minimum. I went back to school at 2 weeks and it was terrible, and then I got sick too. So wait 3 weeks for sure! Glad you got your date! :)