Countdown till my surgery date

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Overdue update

If anyone still reads this, I just wanted to keep you all updated :)

So they've been moving up my wires progressively and everything seems to be going to plan. My ortho is going to take some new models of my teeth at my next appointment to see if I'm surgery ready. I think I made my surgery date a tad too long...oh well. Better safe than sorry! Also my surgery date is two days after my last final for spring semester. So that gives me approximately two weeks to recover before the summer semester begins. The surgery date for my gum grafting surgery is Jan 9th. Apparently gum grafting is a cosmetic surgery so it's not covered by my dental insurance which is b.s. Anyways, the surgeon told me I had the healthiest gum he's seen for awhile so it should be a quick and fast recovery.

After having a normal bite and now an underbite/no bite let me tell you. You can't chew for shi*. I've noticed just biting into anything my jaw strength is super weak now. I can't even eat noodles! My favorite staple of my diet. Braces doesn't help things at all either... I forgot how frustrating it is to floss. It used to take me 2 min. tops. to floss all my teeth. I have to waste 15 precious minutes of my life to floss! And no it hasn't gotten easier. I've used a water pick but it just don't feel as clean as flossing.

Here's a photo update my bite has shifted but nothing "noticeable" it's hard to explain like some of back molars have moved a bit:

Side profile:

Happy Holidays! And I hope everyone is thinking about some good new year resolutions. Now I'm off to the gym!


  1. You are precious! :)
    Glad to hear you are doing well...
    I always say- life goes back to normal pretty fast after surgery...
    Merry Christmas!

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