Countdown till my surgery date

Monday, March 12, 2012

2 more months till surgery!

Hello. Sorry about not updating. I'm still getting used to blogging it doesn't come natural for me. Heck, I don't even have a facebook! So I thought about deleting this blog...but LUCKY FOR YOU GUYS! I decided not to. YEA!!

Gum grafting was surprisingly very easy. Recovery was so nice and I never felt any pain what-so-ever. But I don't smoke and I've heard smoking can literally make your graft fall off.... just saying. Smokings bad and if you haven't stopped now... you definitely should!

Well I should post some pictures up..but i'lll put some pics up next time and maybe i'll get some actual photos. So wow only 2 more months. It's crazy how the months have gone so quickly. My surgery date is still set for Thursday, May 16th, 2012.

My bite has definitely worsen now but my midline has remained centered and my teeth are so straight now, I mean they were "straight" but now they are perfect!! I'm definitely happy about that! (Notice: Trying to keep myself positive)

So at my last appointment they put my surgical wire and surgical hooks in and it appears I'm ahead of schedule and surgery ready! I only have one more appointment with my ortho. and then I'm off to get my jaw broken.

Until then.... Remember think happy thoughts! :)

If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere.
-Frank A. Clark


  1. oh my gosh how exciting!! 2 months is nothing it'll fly by:) Why did you need a gum graft? I'm glad that was relatively stressless
    What is it like having the surgical hooks in? I have an appointment on friday to get my surgery date, I can't waitt! xxoxo ps so glad you didn't delete your blog I love reading your posts! and It's nice because we are on a similarish timescale:)

    1. Hi Rosa! Yes I'm getting very excited! I needed a gum graft because I had what is called "paper thin" gums on my lower canines and so if they decide to move my lower jaw, it will be strong enough to withstand the trauma..

      Surgical hooks are funny looking and they are hard to clean! I have really big O.C.D. on hygiene so it bugs me a little. But other than that I forget they are there. Haha I'm glad i didn't delete it too!