Countdown till my surgery date

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Today is the day!!

Hey everyone! It's midnight and I'm officially done with finals!! Summer break has officially started. AND I got the call and my surgery appointment is set for this afternoon at noon but I got to be at the hospital by 9:30 am. I'm starting to now ACTUALLY really think about what they are doing and i really want to see some surgery photos but that's probably not a good idea..

So I had my preop. appointment with my surgeon and also a mandatory jaw surgery educational class I had to go to last week. Since you'r not allowed to have any metal piercing during surgery, I had to take my collarbone microdermals out for the surgery, that was painful. But I was done with them, they were a pita to clean and snagged onto things.

Also I learned I might get DOUBLE jaw surgery because I guess I have a very slight cross bite now that my teeth straightened out. But according to my models it should disappear once my teeth are aligned so he'll decide during surgery whether he needs to fix it or not. If he does fix it, I'll be wired shut for 2-3 weeks..He gave me the options for bands but told me that nerve endings in the lower jaw are more likely to get nerve damaged and takes longer to regain back feeling when they do that method (due to different cuts to the bone). He said patients choose 50/50 on band or wire. I went with wire.He also told me my gums show a little bit when I smile and he can fix that if I wanted to, so I agreed.

At the jaw class I met other kiddos with jaw issues lol. The videos were extremely outdated from the 90s but informative. I'm glad Kaiser does that they also gave me a bag full of goodies. I also did my blood work the other day and picked up my drugs. It's definitely gotten real to me now! I have to stay overnight at the hospital but don't worry kids, I'll post on my phone or something just to let you guys know how it goes!


  1. aaaaahhh Meesh! I can't believe your having your surgery already that's gone soooo fast wow:) Good luck I'll be thinking of you all of today! I'm sure everything will be absolutely fine and you'll end up with a bite that you love! I'll be interested to see how you like what your surgeon changes about how your gum shows, my surgeon suggested that for me too! but I decided I liked it the way it is now, so maybe if I think yours looks reallyy good I'll have to tell him I changed my mind:D Also the jaw class sounds like a really good idea, I've allways thought my jaw people don't give you enough information and that it must've been so horrible to go through jaw surgery before the internet because you'd just be plumeting into the unknown! I wouldn't have gone for it if I hadn't known about and read people's blogs:)
    Good luck againnn I'm sending you loads of healing thoughts and I hope you recover really fast:) xoxoxo