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Friday, May 25, 2012

One Week Update

Hi! Sorry I couldn't update sooner, the surgery went perfect but I had a lot of issues after leaving the hospital that I will get to later in this post. But I'm all good now!

They only did my upper jaw, or a Lefort I, so I'm only in bands and not wires. My surgeon moved my jaw forward and 4 mm up. I'm not sure how much he moved it forward but I'll ask at my next appointment. My "un-banding" appointment is set for May 30. I've been eating a lot of protein drinks. My favorites have been:
  • Myloplex
  • Special K
  • Ensure
They all taster really great and highly recommend them. If you want to add more "healthy" calories, I've been putting in one tablespoon of Flax Seed oil into my drinks. Flax Seed oil is a very nutrient dense omega 3 fatty acid. One tablespoon alone has 120 calories! Unlike fish oil, flax seed is derived from plants so it won't leave your drink a nasty fish taste which would be pretty gross. lol

Anyways back to my story, so I left the hospital all fine and dandy. But for some reason I started to get rashes all over my arms and I started to vomit everything I was drinking. (it sucks vomiting when ur mouth is banded shut!) I felt really nauseous, it was really bad. I couldn't get ahold of my doctor since I think he was calling my cellphone but my cell has been dead. I think I might've gotten food poisoning. My mom was making me some pretty weird asian soups... So I had to go back to the hospital get an iv and they gave me some anti nausea pills. Right before surgery I weighted 124 lb. I left the hospital at 113 lb.! I look like a skeleton :(

I'm feeling great now though and have been trying to drink something every 3 hours to make sure I don't lose anymore weight and also adding flax seed oil now. I don't mean to scare people but it happens :/

Here are some photos
 Side, note the slight bruising:

I'm pretty swollen! But people don't stare at me weird or anything...until i smile

My face is thin so so the swelling just makes me look normal now lol. 


  1. Uhh I'm sorry to hear about your sickness, Meesh. I hope you're feeling better now. That's so much weight to lose in a week! You really don't look swollen much at all. Feel better and get your strength up!

    1. Thanks Max! I don't think my swelling is too bad compared to other people I've seen. When I was at the hospital they did give me steroids intravenously several times throughout the night. One part that is ridiculously swollen is my nose, It's HUGE! I pray that it will go back to normal!!

  2. aaaaah meesh well done for surviving! your so brave:) and you look amazing already! your hardly swollen woow
    I hope you continue to feel good and that you recover really fast xoxox

    1. Thanks Rosa! You're such a sweetie! If everyone in the world was as sweet as you that would be a most wonderful earth!

      I feel really good. I actually went on a walk with my dog which was really nice to get some sun!

  3. Wow! You look amazing Your profile is so pretty, and your swelling isn't noticeable. Happy Healing to you!

  4. You already look great! I'm 13 days post-op. Was day 3 a big day?

    Oh...and I'm half korean!! :)